Translation of story collection by Aleksandar Žiljak published

Small publisher Begedia has just published Welche Farbe hat der Wind?, the first story collection in German translation by my Croatian fellow writer and occassional collaborator Aleksandar Žiljak who was guest of honour at this year’s European science fiction convention in Dortmund. The book includes my translations of several stories never before published in Germany. I also edited three translations by Tommi Brem that were initially published in the magazine Nova. Aleksander is surely among the best contemporary European science fiction writers. I especially recommend reading the hilarious alternative world story “Die Orgon-Ära” and the much-praised novella “Ultramarin”. The translations, by the way, are based on the English versions that Aleksander has written himself.



World Culture Hub reopened

After several relocations and a major rebuild the World Culture Hub, my main project in the 3d Internet world of Second Life, has now been reopened. If you’re interested, best visit first the reception area here (surrounded by a Japanese style park that you may like to see too). In the central area of the reception building you find, apart from some general information, a site map with direct teleporters to all exhibition buildings on the main sky platform. To directly jump to the sky platform, click here.

My charming assistant Sol Eterno and me are continuously working to fill the site with new content. Please occassionally check here or inworld for new updates. An opening event is planed in late July. It will be announced here as soon as possible.




Story reading online

My fellow writer Frank Hebben has recently established the website which features freely available readings of stories mostly by German science fiction writers, many read by the writers themselves. I was invited to contribute my award winning story “Das Netz der Geächteten” from the anthology Gamer, but I wanted to spare listeners the traumatic experience of listening to my charmingly raspy voice. So Frank has found a more than adequate replacement and Markus Müller’s relaxed and nuanced reading can be listen to here.

Award-winning story online

Tor online – the website complementing the new science fiction series established in collaboration between German publisher Fischer and the American Tor Books – has just republished my story “Das Netz der Geächteten”, recently announced as the winner of the Deutscher Science Fiction Preis (German Science Fiction Award) 2017 as best German science fiction story of the year.

Over the last two years I have recommended a number of outstanding German science fiction stories to the editorial team of Tor online and it’s the first time now that I’m honored to see one of my own works featured on the site.

German Science Fiction Award win

Some of my readers may already have heard the news: My story “Das Netz der Geächteten” from the anthology Gamer (Begedia), edited by André Skora, Armin Rößler and Frank Hebben, will be awarded with the Deutscher Science Fiction Preis (German Science Fiction Award) 2017 as the best German science fiction story of the year. It’s my fifth win of this award since 2002 and surely, at least for me, the most suprising one, considering that quite a number of good stories have been published in 2016, especially in the Gamer anthology. The first time winner in the novel category is Dirk van den Boom for Die Welten der Skiir 1: Prinzipat (Cross Cult).

The award ceremony is on June 16th at the Eurocon in Dortmund which brings me – after all the recent discussions – into a rather peculiar situation. Under these circumstances, however, I have to set aside my objections and will not refrain from showing up. Apart from the award ceremony I have been persuaded by publisher Harald Giersche to come and help promoting a story collection by my old fellow and guest of honour Aleksandar Ziljak from Croatia that I translated into German, in collaboration with Tommi Brem.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Juliana!

Wegen einer Unpäßlichkeit kommt es leider um einen Tag verspätet, dennoch ist mir nichts wichtiger als dies:

Ich möchte meiner Tochter Juliana hiermit zu ihrem 26sten Geburtstag gratulieren. Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin viel Erfolg auf Deinem Weg und bin zuversichtlich, daß Du vieles, wenn nicht alles besser machen wirst als ich. Du bist eine tolle junge Frau geworden, und wenn ich je auf etwas stolz sein konnte, an dem ich beteiligt war, dann auf Dich.