Introducing the World Culture Hub in Second Life – A night of music, dance & art

Linden Lab has recently significantly reduced the land prices in Second Life which made it possible to extend the Second Life branch of my international cultural project, the World Culture Hub, to a quarter sim. On Friday, July 13th we will celebrate the re-opening of the Hub at new location. You are warmly invited to join us for a colorful evening with dance and live music events, a perfect occasion to get to know the World Culture Hub and its sideline project, The Turing Galaxy. I myself will contribute an hour of electronic live music and a surprise guest will join me with a special effect show.

Here’s the program including all the landing points:

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Science Fiction Ladies Night in Wuppertal

plakat_sf_ladiesnight_2018_low-resolutionThe World Culture Hub, my international Web-based culture project, is slowly gaining momentum. Its first reallife event is fixed: the Science Fiction Ladies Night in Wuppertal/Germany on Wednesday, July 4th, a group reading of three contemporary German female science fiction writers. Here’s the announcement in German:

2012 fand in Wuppertal die erste Science Fiction Ladies Night statt. Drei zeitgenössische deutsche Science-Fiction-Autorinnen – Gabriele Behrend, Nadine Boos und Gloria Manderfeld – lasen aus ihrem Werk und bewiesen, was Insider schon lange wußten: Die Science Fiction ist längst kein Genre pubertierender, technophiler Männer mehr, sondern wurde durch das Schaffen von Frauen literarisch enorm vorangebracht. Auch die kleine, aber sehr rege deutsche Science-Fiction- und Phantastik-Szene ist ohne die Beiträge ihrer Autorinnen nicht denkbar. Continue reading

Herzlichen Glückwunsch, Juliana

Ich möchte auf diesem Wege meiner Tochter Juliana zu ihrem 27sten Geburtstag gratulieren.

Leider habe ich keine aktuellen Informationen, was Du heute machst. Ich hoffe immer noch, daß ich mir irgendwann einen persönlichen Eindruck machen kann, was aus Dir geworden ist. Welchen Weg Du auch immer eingeschlagen hast, es gibt ganz sicher Anlaß, auf Dich stolz zu sein. Ich wünsche Dir von Herzen alles Gute für Dein weiteres Leben.


Nova 25 available

Nova is a print magazine for contemporary German language science fiction that I  founded with Ronald M. Hahn and Helmuth W. Mommers in 2002 and recently edited with Olaf G. Hilscher. It has gained some recognition and a steady readership over the years and published a number of the best and some award-winning German sf stories of the last fifteen years. The magazine, however, has been going through a crisis, to a large degree due to my health problems that have kept me from doing my part of the editorial work in time. On top of that, my co-editor Olaf has announced that he will have to adandon his post due to personal and professional reasons and will only be occassionally available as an editorial helper. I’m thus in the process of reorganizing the editorial team, in the hope that Nova can soon be published twice a year again. One major step was that I could convince aspiring writer Thomas Sieber to become our new nonfiction editor.

Nova 25, the issue that suffered most from the delays, has finally been completed and includes new stories by Dirk Alt, Marcus Hammerschmitt, Sven Klöpping, Hans Lammersen, Horst Pukallus, Thomas Sieber, Michael Schmidt, Norbert Stöbe, Wolf Welling, Tobias Reckermann, C.M. Dyrnberg and Heidrun Jänchen, also a translated story by Argentinian guest writer Gustavo Bondoni and an essay on smart cities by Dominik Irtenkauf. Christopher Priest has contributed a personal memoir of the late Brian W. Aldiss.

Publisher Amrun has announced that the issue will be in print shortly. It can be ordered here.


All the best for 2018

I know it’s a little belated but I don’t want to miss wishing my readers, listeners, friends and fellows all the best for a happy, healthy and successful new year 2018.

There’s a number of people I have to thank for their help and support in 2017: Wilfried Bienek, Olaf Kemmler, Horst Pukallus and Michael Steinmann for their company and all the lively and funny discussions during our regular meetings in Wuppertal; Tomas Juriga for being a competent adviser for all matters related to Internet and information technology; my publishers Christian Dörge of Apex, Harald Giersche of Begedia and Uschi Zietsch of Fabylon; my Nova co-editor Olaf G. Hilscher and our publisher Jürgen Eglseer of Amrun and of course our new editorial helpers Thomas Sieber and D.A. and all our writers and contributors; my Second Life fellows Thorsten Küper aka Kueperpunk Korhonen, Barbara Lange aka Moewe Winkler, Asmita Duranjaya and my charming assistant Sol Eterno; and not the least my cousin and roommate Martina for sharing the loads of daily life.

I also wish my daughter Juliana all hapiness in the world and good luck for the continuation of her academic education. I’m confident that you will make your way and I’ll wait patiently for the day when I will meet you again.


Video of Second Life event online

Asmita Duranjaya has uploaded a video of her virtual dance performance that accompanied my life music event in Second Life on December 10th.

Listening to my attempts of playing an effective synth solo makes me feel a little awkward and aware of how far away I am from the kind of playing I have in my head. Which is why I still regard myself, although the sequences and background soundscapes sound quite nice, an amateur musician. But as long as you breath you can learn and I hope that with hard work I will be able to come closer to realizing my vision within the next years.

Next live music event in Second Life

Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) is a program by Linden Lab to support creatives in Second Life. Artists are provided with a complete sim free of a charge for a limited time to realize an idea or vision they have. My Second Life fellow Asmita Duranjaya has repeatedly been granted a LEA sim and created extensive and imaginative installations. She has invited me several times to play live-streamed electronic music on her LEA sim.

The next one will be on December 10th at 1:00 pm Second Life Time at Asmita’s installation Vi So Ki on LEA22. I will play for about 40 minutes, accompanied by Asmita with a dance and special effect show.