Nova 27 published

p.machinery has just published issue #27 of Nova, a magazine for contemporary German science fiction short stories founded by Ronald M. Hahn, Helmuth W. Mommers and me in 2002 and today edited by Michael Haitel and me.

This time it’s a themed issue based on an idea by our former co-editor Frank Hebben. We invited a number of writers to submit modern utopias or at least stories with an optimistic future outlook. As we had hope they all found unusual modern approaches to what may seem as an outdated subgenre of the fantastic. None of their stories presents a smooth portrait of an ideal society.  They instead either depict the downsides of working, but not perfect social orders or they discover utopian prospects in otherwise dark dystopic settings.

The issue includes new stories by Dirk Alt, Marcus Hammerschmitt, Frank W. Haubold, Frank Hebben, Martin Mächler, Frank Neugebauer, Barbara Ostrop, Tobias Reckermann and Thomas Sieber, a translated guest story by C. Stuart Hardwick (USA) and insightful essays by Andreas Heyer and Horst Illmer.