Progress with the World Culture Hub

logo_worldculturehubWhen I finally managed to recover from years of severe depressions around this time last year, I set out to extend my ambitious cultural project, the World Culture Hub – initially started as museum, event location and library in the 3d Internet world of Second Life -, into a Web based ressource that was also meant to be a kind of brand name for a number of projects that I have started or conceived over the years, especially the German science fiction magazine Nova.

There has not been much activity on the website itself recently. I’m in the process of posting some belated news updates. Behind the curtains, however, work has been going on. I have maintained and extended our Second Life installation (which can be visited here) and in collaboration with my fellow writers Michael Steinmann, Wilfried Bienek and Horst Pukallus I plan the founding of two clubs or societies that in mutual collaboration will, among others, serve to found and run the World Culture Hub. The foundation meeting is planed to take place in early November in Essen, Germany.

Have a look at our website for further news. You may notice that the design has recently been changed to a more modern, reactive WordPress theme.