Introducing the World Culture Hub in Second Life – A night of music, dance & art

Linden Lab has recently significantly reduced the land prices in Second Life which made it possible to extend the Second Life branch of my international cultural project, the World Culture Hub, to a quarter sim. On Friday, July 13th we will celebrate the re-opening of the Hub at new location. You are warmly invited to join us for a colorful evening with dance and live music events, a perfect occasion to get to know the World Culture Hub and its sideline project, The Turing Galaxy. I myself will contribute an hour of electronic live music and a surprise guest will join me with a special effect show.

Here’s the program including all the landing points:

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Science Fiction Ladies Night in Wuppertal

plakat_sf_ladiesnight_2018_low-resolutionThe World Culture Hub, my international Web-based culture project, is slowly gaining momentum. Its first reallife event is fixed: the Science Fiction Ladies Night in Wuppertal/Germany on Wednesday, July 4th, a group reading of three contemporary German female science fiction writers. Here’s the announcement in German:

2012 fand in Wuppertal die erste Science Fiction Ladies Night statt. Drei zeitgenössische deutsche Science-Fiction-Autorinnen – Gabriele Behrend, Nadine Boos und Gloria Manderfeld – lasen aus ihrem Werk und bewiesen, was Insider schon lange wußten: Die Science Fiction ist längst kein Genre pubertierender, technophiler Männer mehr, sondern wurde durch das Schaffen von Frauen literarisch enorm vorangebracht. Auch die kleine, aber sehr rege deutsche Science-Fiction- und Phantastik-Szene ist ohne die Beiträge ihrer Autorinnen nicht denkbar. Continue reading