Nova 25 available

Nova is a print magazine for contemporary German language science fiction that I  founded with Ronald M. Hahn and Helmuth W. Mommers in 2002 and recently edited with Olaf G. Hilscher. It has gained some recognition and a steady readership over the years and published a number of the best and some award-winning German sf stories of the last fifteen years. The magazine, however, has been going through a crisis, to a large degree due to my health problems that have kept me from doing my part of the editorial work in time. On top of that, my co-editor Olaf has announced that he will have to adandon his post due to personal and professional reasons and will only be occassionally available as an editorial helper. I’m thus in the process of reorganizing the editorial team, in the hope that Nova can soon be published twice a year again. One major step was that I could convince aspiring writer Thomas Sieber to become our new nonfiction editor.

Nova 25, the issue that suffered most from the delays, has finally been completed and includes new stories by Dirk Alt, Marcus Hammerschmitt, Sven Klöpping, Hans Lammersen, Horst Pukallus, Thomas Sieber, Michael Schmidt, Norbert Stöbe, Wolf Welling, Tobias Reckermann, C.M. Dyrnberg and Heidrun Jänchen, also a translated story by Argentinian guest writer Gustavo Bondoni and an essay on smart cities by Dominik Irtenkauf. Christopher Priest has contributed a personal memoir of the late Brian W. Aldiss.

Publisher Amrun has announced that the issue will be in print shortly. It can be ordered here.