Live event in Second Life: Confinement

After an extended clinical depression and my recent efforts to improve my situation I wasn’t able to keep this website up-to-date for a while. One major omission was a comment about one of the most extraordinary events in Second Life that I ever had the honor of taking part in. Let me do this now.

Ever since my extraordinary science fiction and virtual world brother-in-arms Thorsten Küper aka Kueperpunk Korhonen has interested me in cultural events (and, I have to admit, all kinds of other activities) in Second Life, I was puzzled by a certain condescension when it comes to virtual worlds. Writing science fiction and especially short science fiction has made us used to being regarded as freaks. The smugness toward Second Life, however, is on another level. We are the first to admit that the platform is, in many regards, still technically insufficient and unreliable. It’s what Thorsten has called the “toy version of a virtual world” and may soon be replaced by more advanced platforms. Considering its pioneering stage, however, it’s remarkable what you already can do with it and the live event Confinement, based on a story by Thorsten Küper, has provided an impressive evidence to back up this claim.

Confinement was kind of a live staged science fiction machinima movie, utilizing the Second Life infrastructure and being live-streamed to Youtube, and as such an extraordinary feat of planing and coordination especially by Thorsten and by virtual cmeraman Seraph Nirvana. The whole setting was created by master builder Barlok Barbosa and my task was to contribute a continuous sound background, which I think I managed quite well. A recording of the complete event can be watched here.