German Science Fiction Award win

Some of my readers may already have heard the news: My story “Das Netz der Geächteten” from the anthology Gamer (Begedia), edited by André Skora, Armin Rößler and Frank Hebben, will be awarded with the Deutscher Science Fiction Preis (German Science Fiction Award) 2017 as the best German science fiction story of the year. It’s my fifth win of this award since 2002 and surely, at least for me, the most suprising one, considering that quite a number of good stories have been published in 2016, especially in the Gamer anthology. The first time winner in the novel category is Dirk van den Boom for Die Welten der Skiir 1: Prinzipat (Cross Cult).

The award ceremony is on June 16th at the Eurocon in Dortmund which brings me – after all the recent discussions – into a rather peculiar situation. Under these circumstances, however, I have to set aside my objections and will not refrain from showing up. Apart from the award ceremony I have been persuaded by publisher Harald Giersche to come and help promoting a story collection by my old fellow and guest of honour Aleksandar Ziljak from Croatia that I translated into German, in collaboration with Tommi Brem.