Nominated for German Science Fiction Award

My story “Das Netz der Geächteten”, included in the anthology Gamer (Begedia), edited by André Skora, Armin Rößler and Frank Hebben, has been, rather suprisingly for me, nominated for the Deutscher Science Fiction Preis (German Science Fiction Award) 2017 as best short story of the year. In the past I have won this award four times but so far exclusively for my novellas which are generally considered as my best works. This year’s nominations both in the story and the novel category can be read here.

The story was written at a time when I was still struggeling to get back into writing and I have to admit that I stretched the patience of the three editors to its limit. In the end I was glad that I could submit something to the Gamer anthology at all and regarded the story of one of my mediocre efforts. The story received some favorable reviews and as the nomination shows it may be better than I initially thought.