Happy new year!

I wish all my readers, friends and fellow writers a happy, successful and healthy new year. After a grim year 2016 that has robbed the art, pop-rock and Nerd communities a number of their idols, things can only get better. 2016 has also been a difficult year for myself but I managed to give it a positive twist toward its end. I hope I have established the preconditions for a much more active and productive year 2017.

A number of people who have supported me over the year deserve to be thanked explicitly: my publishers Uschi Zietsch und Harald Giersche for their understanding and patience, Hannes Riffel and the team of Fischer/Tor online, Sigrun Schmidt and her colleagues of advertising agency Hiller in Duesseldorf, Patrizia Hoffman of Infoman AG, my Second Life companions Thorsten Kueper aka Kueperpunk Korhonen, Moewe Winkler, Harter Fall and Asmita Duranjaya, my fellow writers and regular discussion companions Horst Pukallus, Olaf Kemmler, Michael Steinmann and Wilfried Bienek, my Nova co-editor Olaf G. Hilscher and our publisher Juergen Eglseer of Amrun Verlag, our colleagues of Exodus magazine and especially my cousin and roommate Martina and our awesome cat Minka who has tamed me like no human female ever could.

I send special wishes to my daughter Juliana for a successful continuation and completion of her art history studies and for a happy private life. It has been my best moment of 2016 when I saw a photo of you on the Internet. I know you will make your way.