Video of Second Life event

As all know who are still convinced that the 3d Internet world of Second Life can be an interesting and flexible medium for artistic expression, the platform has its tricky moments. Crashes of a whole sims during an event have become very rare but we’re reminded time and again that we’re still in a pioneering stage of virtual worlding  and that an adventerous attitude is required to make use of it.

Being an enthusiast of electronic music, I’ve had a number of live music events over the years, streaming from my home studio into SL, on my humble amateur level but still always encouragingly received. Luckily enough, I’ve had little technical trouble most of the time – until last Sunday when during a live performance on occasion of Frantz Cattaneo’s and Asmita Duranjaya‘s exhibition opening of Virtual Beauties in Cyberspace my main computer crashed and I was faced with the notorious Blue Screen of Death, perhaps Microsoft’s most unique contribution to the modern world. And again I’ve learned something: as new features are introduced, Second Life’s hardware requirements are constantly on the rise. If you run a sequencer, streaming software and an SL client in full resolution on the same vintage dual core computer, you’re on the best way to invite entertaining major malfunctions.

Asmita has made a video of the event, combining my complete performance with impressions of the exhibition opening.(The sound level is a little low, so you may enjoy it most when you crank up the volume to a solid bone-shattering level.)