Nova 24 published

It’s already historic but for the sake of completeness it should also be noted on my homepage:

The 24th issue of the German science fiction magazine Nova, edited by Olaf G. Hilscher and me and hosted by small publisher Amrun, has recently been published. It includes new stories by Uwe Post, Frank Lauenroth, Sven Klöpping, Sami Salamé, Christian Endres, Marcus Hammerschmitt, Marc Späni, Tobias Reckermann, Norbert Stöbe, Olaf Kemmler and Fabian Tomaschek, as guest story a selection from a story cycle by Romanian author Gheorghe Sasarman, an essay on science fiction short films by Frederic Brake and several orbituaries on the late great writer and editor Wolfgang Jeschke, one of the founding fathers of science fiction publishing in Germany.