On Karl Hofer’s painting “Laokoon”

I know, I know. Quite a while ago since the last updates. I’m about to catch up now. Here’s the first of some news:

Earlier the year I have been approached by the Museum für Neue Kunst (Museum for New Art) in Freiburg to contribute a text to the museum’s 30 years anniversary. A number of artists, writers, musicians, choreographers and theorists have been invited to comment on major artworks in the museum’s collection, among them paintings by August Macke, Oskar Kokoschka, Otto Dix and Meret Oppenheim. I’ve been invited to contribute a science fiction story inspired by Karl Hofer’s painting Laokoon from 1940. Hofer (1878-1955) – who started his career in the early 20th century, was at the peak of his prominence between the World Wars and, after being condemned by the Nazis, had some influence on the cultural politics of early postwar Germany – is generally considered an expressionist but had actually been an outsider who failed to identify with any of the artistic movements of his time.

I’ve just settled with curatorial assistant Jennifer Smailes on a final version of my text that will be a permanent part of the museum’s collection of work interpretations. In my story a future society devoid of own inspiration has set out to revive creative minds of the past by means of computer emulations, Karl Hofer among them.