Cameo appearance in crime novel

Blitz Verlag recently published my fellow writer Olaf Kemmler’s novel Die Stimme einer Toten, an example of the subgenre of regional crime novels that has become quite popular in Germany. One of the closing chapters of Olaf’s book – set in the Bergische Land, the hilly area around Wuppertal, Solingen and Remscheid – leads its female protagonist, in search of her stepsister’s murderer, to a remarkable encounter with a number of science fiction writers, namely my longtime co-editor Ronald M. Hahn, Horst Pukallus and me. The dialogue, with me leading, is not completely true-to-life but includes some silly stuff I’ve actually said some time (and I’m not even ashamed of it). Olaf’s novel, by the way, is an entertaining little murder mystery with lots of local color and some fresh ideas.