Story in Exodus #31

My story “Das Ende aller Tage”, a German version of “The End of All Days”, my first story originally written in English, has just been published in issue #31 of Exodus,  one of the leading German science fiction magazines, edited by René Moreau, Heinz Wipperfürth and Olaf Kemmler, noted as a showcase not only of contemporary German science fiction stories but science fiction art as well. Apart from my own story, issue #31 includes stories by Dirk Alt, Christian Endres, Rico Gehrke, Rolf Krohn, Hans Jürgen Kugler, Gynther Riebl, Tobias Tantius, Fabian Tomaschek, Johannes Tosin, Wolf Welling and Christoph von Zastrow and artworks by Dirk Alt, Crossvalley Smith, Oliver Engelhard, Mario Franke, Mark Freier, Jan Hillen, José Kastler, Christian Krank, Manfred Schneider and Hubert Schweizer