Shutting down the year: Thanks to you all!

With the Christmas celebration of the writer group Brennende Buchstaben – a varied evening with poetry, scenic readings, comedy, art installations and live music – a long and intense year of events in the 3D world of Second Life ended. I was honored to close the evening with half an hour of electronic music, live streamed from my home studio. Below some impressions of the evening (pictures by Hydorgol).


I wish all my friends, readers, colleagues and collaborators a merry Christmas and a good start into a happy and successful new year. A number of people deserve a special thanks for their help and support over the year: Olaf G. Hilscher, my co-editor of the German science fiction magazine Nova, for steering the magazine thru all ups and downs; Sven Klöpping for his assistance in various projects; Christian Günther for his graphic design work to promote numerous of my events; my virtual world brother-in-arms Thorsten Küper aka Kueperpunk Korhonen for a fine collaboration in many events inside and outside of the metaverse; my Second Life friends DJ Hameed and hs wife Libra, ChapTer Kronfeld; Claire DiLuna Chevalier and Asmita Duranjaya; the Mumtaz ladies Voodoo Spyker, Freya Beresford and especially ArchAngel Mint; my fellow musicians Jana Kyomoon, Torben Asp and Tony Gerner aka Cypress Rosewood; to Mantikore Verlag for the collaboration; and last not least to my cousin Martina for all her help and encouragement.

A special greeting to my daughter Juliana with all best wishes for her future.

Approaching the end of the year I finally managed to overcome a long-term writer’s block and there are reasons to hope that several projects lying idle for quite some time will be finished in the first half of the coming year, especially my novel In situ for Begedia Verlag and an extended version of my award-winning novella “Der Moloch”.