Starting the World Culture Hub in Second Life

Beginning with the international science fiction magazine InterNova – that I co-founded in 2005, relaunched as an e-zine in 2010 and that is now awaiting a major update and redesign in collaboration with my new co-editor Fran Ontanaya from Spain – I became not only interested in literature, especially in short fiction, from all over the globe but in the idea of world culture in general, the appreciation, exchange and mutual influencing of arts and traditions from various cultures. One of my future projects that is currently in its planing stage is the Internet World Culture Repository, a kind of Wikipedia of world culture, a comprehensive website with information about arts and cultural traditions from all over the world, especially those that are rarely appreciated beyond their place of origin.

It was planed to later complement this website with the World Culture Hub, a multicultural event and information center in Second Life, and to slowly interconnect the two projects. As it turned out the chance to start the World Culture Hub in Second Life was presented to me earlier than expected. I have just acquired a piece of land of about 6.200 m² with 1.500 prims in the Kreativdorf area, exactly the sim where my SL brother-in-arms Thorsten Küper’s aka Kueperpunk Korhonen‘s renowned event location Kafé Kruemelkram is and where I recently established a SL writer’s office with my fellows Sven Klöpping and Christian Kathan. It may take some weeks before something definite shows up on this ground. I first have to make myself familiar with the intricacies of building in Second Life and to research about the architecture of various cultures that I plan to fuse into a beautiful place for events, meetings, discussion and information. It will only be light version of what the World Culture Hub, I hope, will finally grow into. But it’s a start.

For those of my readers and collaborators who are interested to know what these projects are about, I recommend that you download my manifesto “Unity in Diversity and the Idea of World Culture” (the file Iwoleit_Manifesto_0.7.pdf is now available via the download widget on the left). A second document – the technical concept for the Word Culture Repository website – is almost completed and will be available soon too. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in these projects.