Major short story writers: Saadat Hasan Manto

My new series of literary evenings in Second Life about major short story writers of 20th century world literature continues on Saturday, September 7th, with an event about the legendary Indian/Pakistani journalist, story and screen writer Saadat Hasan Manto, My good SL friend DJ Hameed will exclusively for this event translate Manto’s most famous story “Toba Tek Singh”. Thorsten Küper aka Kueperpunk Korhonen has again been invited as a story reader.  For the third time this year my favorite place in SL, the Mumtaz Taj Mahal, will be host of one of my events. The literary evening will start at 12:00 SLT / 20:00 GMT / 21:00 CET. The location’s SLURL is


With about twenty visitors in the course of the evening the first event of this series on August 24th about Japanese writer Ryunosuke Akutagawa was well-received. Thorsten Küper did a marvelous job with his intense reading of Akutagawa’s story “Kesa and Morito”. All visitors agreed that our charming hosts at the Kaishi Chou Okiya & Hanamachi provided a beautiful and atmospheric setting for an event like this. Below some impressions of the evening. More are to be found on Burkhard Tomm-Buk’s blog.