Cyberpunk reading in Metropolis Grid

With regard to magnitude, scope and popularity, Second Life is still unique among the general-purpose virtual worlds in the Internet. It is, however, not the only virtual world of its kind. Based on Open Simulator, an open source implementation of the Second Life server software, a number of other metaverses (grids) have been created, some of them on a professional level and eager to surpass Second Life in terms of speed, stability and cost efficiency. Although there’s as yet no real alternative to Second Life for writers, musicians and artists who want to attract audiences with cultural events in virtual worlds, I try to keep an open mind to the activities in other grids and thus followed Thorsten Küper’s aka Kueperpunk Korhonen’s invitation to my first virtual event outside of Second Life.

On Saturday, July 13., 20:00 local time (CET) I will read a new Cyberpunk story in the Rostige Druckerpresse, a location especially created for events of the writer group Brennende Buchstaben, in Metropolis-Grid. The grid can best be accessed with the free Imprudence viewer and setting-up an account, of course, is free of charge. The SLURL is secondlife:// I’m curious what new experiences are waiting for me and I’m looking forward to meet some of you there.