Afterthought: Mumtaz Ambient Music Night

It has been a great night in the Mumtaz Taj Mahal in Second Life. Three hours of electronic live music of various styles, a receptive and numerous audience and a great location in the Mumtaz ballroom – it can hardly get any better, despite some technical problems in the course of the night (that are common on the still young and developing Second Life platform). Jana Kyomoon, the Second Life alter ego of Jan Pulsford, with her versatile, dream-like pieces and Automatic Quandry aka Robert Keller with his completely unique, wild and inventive shredding of sounds and samples did a great job. Even my own two-part performance, though I’m still new in music and not yet on the level of my two accomplished and experienced fellows. was well received.  Thanks to Jana and Auto for following my invitation, to Freya Beresford and Voodoo Spyker – builders and owners of the Mumtaz – for making this event possible and to all those who helped me to organize it, especially graphic artist Christian Günther. The Mumtaz, my favorite place in Second Life, is such a nice location that further events of this kind will surely follow.

Here some impressions of the night from my point of view.