Story in Cyberpunk anthology published

After moving to a new place – with thousands of books and stacks of unsorted papers a mess of biblical proportion that I don’t intend to repeat in this life – I’m back at work and it’s time to catch up with what has been left undone and to update my homepage.

At the Dortcon in March – one of the largest science fiction conventions in Germany –  editors Frank Hebben and André Skora introduced their anthology Fieberglasträume (sic!), published by Begedia Verlag, a selection of new cyberpunk stories by well and lesser known German writers, illustrated by German sf artists. I’m included with my short story “Der Sturz” and I’ve also translated the foreword by Rob Boyle. One of the highlights of the book – and one of the best German sf stories of recent years – is surely “Demeters Garten” by my regular brother-in-arms Thorsten Küper.

A first review of the book can be found here.