New Uploads at InterNova

I’ve just uploaded the following stories at the international sf e-zine InterNova that I edit in collaboration with Fran Ontanaya and Sven Klöpping:

In the fiction section

Gustavo Bondoni (Argentina): An Elephant of a Different Color 

Ahmed A. Khan (Canada): The Presonic Man

Shweta Narayan (India): Kohl-lined

Aleksandar Žiljak (Croatia): Sex and the Deap-Sea Anglerfish

And for the first time several Spanish originals:

Luis Ángel Cofiño (Spain): La manzana de Newton

Víctor Miguel Gallardo Barragán (Spain): Lo que significa tu nombre

José Antonio Suárez (Spain): La Jaula

Each issue of the relaunched InterNova that we plan to start in March will include one Spanish original and occassionally French and German originals as well.