New Uploads at InterNova

I’ve just uploaded the following stories at the international sf e-zine InterNova that I edit in collaboration with Fran Ontanaya and Sven Klöpping:

In the fiction section

Gustavo Bondoni (Argentina): An Elephant of a Different Color 

Ahmed A. Khan (Canada): The Presonic Man

Shweta Narayan (India): Kohl-lined

Aleksandar Žiljak (Croatia): Sex and the Deap-Sea Anglerfish

And for the first time several Spanish originals:

Luis Ángel Cofiño (Spain): La manzana de Newton

Víctor Miguel Gallardo Barragán (Spain): Lo que significa tu nombre

José Antonio Suárez (Spain): La Jaula

Each issue of the relaunched InterNova that we plan to start in March will include one Spanish original and occassionally French and German originals as well.

Franz Rottensteiner’s critical essay republished

Small publisher Dieter von Reeken recently published Im Labor der Visionen, a collection of essays and lectures about science fiction and fantasy written between 2000 and 2012 by renowned Austrian critic and editor Franz Rottensteiner. It includes an essay on my short fiction that was initially published as an introduction to my first story collection Die letzten Tage der Ewigkeit at Wurdack Verlag.