Afterthought: Mumtaz Science Fiction Night

I’m becoming notorious for my length miscalculations. After a slight systematic error when compiling stories for Nova 20 forced us to postpone two stories to the next issue and after I overrun my 30 minute reading at the Festival der Liebe by mere 50 %, I managed to even top this during the Science Fiction Night in the beautiful Mumtaz Taj Mahal in Second Life. A little too eager to read my novelette “The Spirts” completely I almost overstretched the patience of my partner of the evening. ambient musician Jan Pulsford aka Jana Kyomoon. Well, almost. After playing a short intermezzo between the two parts of my reading, she was still in good mood enough to play another set of 40 minutes after I was finally finished. Thanks for that, Jana! In the end, I think, all were satisfied and the event was well-received by about 30 visitors in the course of the night. Above avarage for cultural events in SL! Freya and Voodoo. the builders and owners of the Mumtaz, are interested in further events.

To all those whose patience I’ve stretched in recent events: I pledge to make it better next time. There are ideas to organize a music night in the Mumtaz on Friday, March 22nd. This time Jana will be the main and the starting act and I will wait very, very patiently. Promised! More news here soon.

Below some impressions of the evening as I experienced it.