Now that we’ve survived the end of the world: Thanks to you all for 2012!

When on December 21st shortly before midnight, following my valued colleagues Thomas Thiemeyer, Marcus Hammerschmitt, Frederic Brake and Michael Marrak, I started with my performance as part of the Doomsday Reading in Second Life it already seemed clear that the end of the world, supposedly predicted by the Mayan calendar, had been canceled and that for those who expected that they would not have to work in 2013 I was maybe the last hope to still make it happen. I promised to try my best to at least cause a few property damages with my sweet voice but I don’t know if I succeeded. Anyhow, with at times more than 30 visitors present in SL and several dozens listening to the stream this reading marathon with some of the German sf writers I value most – three of them for the first time in SL – was probably the crowning highlight of a long line of SL events I have been honoured to take part in this year. I hope it has made many new fans curious to attend further events that are already in planing and preparation for 2013.

It’s time to thank a number of people for their encouragement and support of my work over the year, first of all Thorsten Küper aka Kueperpunk Korhonen, the best fellow any writer could wish, for a smooth and effective collaboration in numerous events; Kirsten Riehl aka Zauselina Riko of the writer group Brennende Buchstaben, Paul Merken aka Zaphod Enoch from Virtual Cologne and Angie Ling and JohnWinston VanDyke from SecondRadio for inviting me to Second Life events; to Udo Höstery and Christian Günther for their help organizing literary events in Wuppertal; to Eric Brown, Richard Kunzmann and Tom Baxter for their help and encouragement to start writing fiction in English; to my co-editor Olaf G. Hilscher, our assistant Sven Klöpping and our writers for making Nova the great magazine that it is and completing its first decade; to my assistants, proofreaders and authors of the international sf e-zine InterNova; to Franz Rottensteiner, Frank Haubold and Helmuth Mommers for their support; to Wurdack Verlag and especially its editors Armin Rößler and Heidrun Jänchen for the publication of my first story collection Die letzten Tage der Ewigkeit; to my cousin Martina for her support and encouragement; to Freya, Voodoo, Aldaida and especially ArchAngel Mint of the Taj Mahal Mumtaz for being such great friends in Second Life. I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy and successful new year!

The same, of course, I wish my daughter Juliana. Good luck with your studies! Maybe we will meet again one day.

Reading in SL München

I’ve followed a rather short-term and spontaneous invitation to read at the opening of Cyhtleen Earhart’s bookshop in SL Munich. It will be on Monday, December 3rd, starting at 20:00 local time right across the well-known Bell’s Kulturcafé. It’s a two-language reading and thus also interesting for my English-speaking SL friends. Merlin Thomas will read steampunk in German. Russel Eponym will read English poetry. I will read a German and an English short story starting at 21:00 local time.