End of the World Reading on December 21st

The long series of Second Life events I took part in this year will end on Friday, December 21st. Actually, according to some popular misconceptions of the Maya calendar, this date is supposed to be the end of it all. This is why my tireless brother-in-arms Thorsten Küper aka Küperpunk Korhonen thought we should take the last occassion to celebrate a great live event in Second Life. And it’s surely not the worst idea to gather a number of the best German science fiction writers to give some apocalyptic samples of their work. Thorsten managed to convince further fellow writers of the potentials of the SL plattform and I’m honoured to have my first event together with some of the Geman sf writers I value most. The evening will start at 20:00 in Thorsten’s and Kirsten Riehl’s steampunk location Kafé Kruemelkram. The invited writers are Frederic Brake, Marcus Hammerschmitt, Michael Marrak and Thomas Thiemeyer. I’m due around midnight and I hope I will not have to endure eartquakes or volcanic eruptions while reading my latest – and probably last – story.

The event will be streamed into Second Radio. A detailed schedule can be found here.