Afterthought: Festival der Liebe in Second Life

It has been, for audience, organizers and participants alike, an exciting, inspiring and exhausting weekend. It will be hard to surpass what the organizers accomplished with the Festival der Liebe (Festival of Love), the three-day culture festival in Second Life. Dozens of events in a half-hour rhythm, live music, literature and art, from poetry to mystery and cyberpunk, from pop to classic and ambient, from animation to cyberart. The highlights are too numerous to name them all. If I had to decide I would vote for the eight-level installation right next to Kafé Kruemelkram (sorry, didn’t memorize the names of the artists), the gig of singer/songwriter Sarah-Marie Philly and especially the ambient music concert of Jana Kyomoon, set against a phantastic light and colour installation in the SL planetarium. All sceptics who claim that there is no culture in Second Life could have learned a lesson here.

On Saturday I read some sections of the Geman version of my story “The Spirits” that I translated especially for this event. It was streamed live into Second Life Radio and was well received. There were some technical problems at the beginning of my electronic music concert of Sunday but that’s part of the learning process when trying to exploit the potentials of this challenging and technically still developing platform. Thanks to the organizers Paul Merken aka Zaphod Enoch, Thorsten Küper aka Küperpunk Korhonen and Kirsten Riehl from the writer group Brennende Buchstaben. I will surely participate in further SL events and sooner or later realize some own ideas in this 3d world. But now it’s time to write new stuff and learn to handle new equipment and software, for even better events next year.

Burkhard Tom-Buk did a tremendous job of documenting the festival with comments and hundreds of photos in his blog.