Afterthought: Spaceport Cologne

My report is a little belated but here it is: The organizers of cultural events in the German sims of Second Life are a tightly knit community. Everybody seems to know everybody and they are perfectly willing to help creatives gain some notoriety in Second Life rather soon. When Thorsten Küper aka Kueperpunk Korhonen introduced me to Second Life in 2011 I didn’t expect that I would participate in almost a dozen events within my first year, mostly as a writer reading from my works, but now also as en electronic musician. The latest event that I was honoured to be invited to took place in Virtuelles Köln (Virtual Cologne, a SL counterpart to the real city Cologne) in the first week of October. On seven consecutive evenings the eager and inventive host Paul Merken aka Zaphod Enoch presented readings by prominent German science fiction writers, followed by life music mostly from electronic genres. I didn’t have time to attend all events but I especially enjoyed the performances by my fellow writers Gabriele Behrend, Thorsten Küper and Miriam Pharo and the ambient music duo Torben Asp and Jana Kyomoon.

On Friday I read my stories “Soma” and “Das Ende aller Tage” which were well-received by a very perceptive audience. I have some routine in Second Life readings now, so I was much more nervous on Wednesday, when following Marco Ansing’s and Gabi Behrend’s readings, I played electronic live music streamed from my home studio (above and below some impressions of how it looked in real life).

The next big Second Life event is already close. The Festival der Liebe, a three-day multi-location cultural festival, will start on Friday October 19. I will read on Saturday October 21st at 21:00 local time and play live on Sunday 20:30. An online schedule with location links can be found here.