Afterthought: Science Fiction Ladies Night in Wuppertal

On Saturday October 6th I’ve had the honour of being the host of an extraordinary science fiction group reading in Udo Hösterey’s antiqarian bookshop in Wuppertal-Elberfeld, a small but very pleasant location where I already organized two science fiction readings before, well-received by audience and writers alike. This time the little shop almost burst with listeners, eager to learn more about the “female view of the future”. Three female German sf writers read from their works, one newcomer and two more experiences writers, and Wuppertal writer and artist Anne Fitsch as moderator lend a fresh outsider view to the evening. A number of prominent German sf personalities attended the event, among them Horst Pukallus, Olaf Kemmler, Sven Klöpping and Uwe Post (listening to his wife Nadine). A report about the reading can be found at the German sf portal Deutsche Science Fiction. Further events in Udo Höstery’s bookshop (thanks for his generous support!) are already planed.

Here’s a snapshot of the three protagonists of the evening, from left to right: Gabriele Behrend,  Gloria Manderfeld and Nadine Boos. (Copyright photo © 2012 by Uwe Post)