New uploads at InterNova

I’ve recently uploaded the following new pieces at InterNova, the international science fiction e-zine that I edit in collaboration with Sven Klöpping and fellow writers and editors from all over the world:

In the fiction section:

Gerson Lodi-Ribeiro (Brazil): Secondary Mission
Nick Pollotta (USA): Raw Terra

In the nonfiction section:

Sabina Theo (Bulgaria): An Interview with Mike Resnick 

BTW: The magazine is facing a major design and functionality upgrade that I hope we will have ready by the end of the year. My new technical assistant Nils Müller is already working on a new WordPress theme. Always a pleasure to collaborate with such competent and inspired people!

Afterthought: Festival der Liebe in Second Life

It has been, for audience, organizers and participants alike, an exciting, inspiring and exhausting weekend. It will be hard to surpass what the organizers accomplished with the Festival der Liebe (Festival of Love), the three-day culture festival in Second Life. Dozens of events in a half-hour rhythm, live music, literature and art, from poetry to mystery and cyberpunk, from pop to classic and ambient, from animation to cyberart. The highlights are too numerous to name them all. If I had to decide I would vote for the eight-level installation right next to Kafé Kruemelkram (sorry, didn’t memorize the names of the artists), the gig of singer/songwriter Sarah-Marie Philly and especially the ambient music concert of Jana Kyomoon, set against a phantastic light and colour installation in the SL planetarium. All sceptics who claim that there is no culture in Second Life could have learned a lesson here.

On Saturday I read some sections of the Geman version of my story “The Spirits” that I translated especially for this event. It was streamed live into Second Life Radio and was well received. There were some technical problems at the beginning of my electronic music concert of Sunday but that’s part of the learning process when trying to exploit the potentials of this challenging and technically still developing platform. Thanks to the organizers Paul Merken aka Zaphod Enoch, Thorsten Küper aka Küperpunk Korhonen and Kirsten Riehl from the writer group Brennende Buchstaben. I will surely participate in further SL events and sooner or later realize some own ideas in this 3d world. But now it’s time to write new stuff and learn to handle new equipment and software, for even better events next year.

Burkhard Tom-Buk did a tremendous job of documenting the festival with comments and hundreds of photos in his blog.

Award-winning novellas republished

The anthology Die Stille nach dem Ton, edited by Ralf Boldt & Wolfgang Jeschke, with all winner stories of the Deutsche Science Fiction Preis (German Science Fiction Award) from 1985 to 2012 is now available. It includes my three award-winning novellas “Wege ins Licht” (2002), “Ich fürchte kein Unglück” (2004) and “Psyhack” (2006, later extended into a novel). It’s an massive and impressive collection of 28 of the best German science fiction stories of recent decades, featuring some of my colleagues I value most, among them Norbert Stöbe, Michael Marrak, Marcus Hammerschmitt and Frank W. Haubold. I’m not so sure what to think about the unique format of the book, slim like a paperback, but long like a desk calendar. Let’s see what the readers say.

Afterthought: Spaceport Cologne

My report is a little belated but here it is: The organizers of cultural events in the German sims of Second Life are a tightly knit community. Everybody seems to know everybody and they are perfectly willing to help creatives gain some notoriety in Second Life rather soon. When Thorsten Küper aka Kueperpunk Korhonen introduced me to Second Life in 2011 I didn’t expect that I would participate in almost a dozen events within my first year, mostly as a writer reading from my works, but now also as en electronic musician. The latest event that I was honoured to be invited to took place in Virtuelles Köln (Virtual Cologne, a SL counterpart to the real city Cologne) in the first week of October. On seven consecutive evenings the eager and inventive host Paul Merken aka Zaphod Enoch presented readings by prominent German science fiction writers, followed by life music mostly from electronic genres. I didn’t have time to attend all events but I especially enjoyed the performances by my fellow writers Gabriele Behrend, Thorsten Küper and Miriam Pharo and the ambient music duo Torben Asp and Jana Kyomoon.

On Friday I read my stories “Soma” and “Das Ende aller Tage” which were well-received by a very perceptive audience. I have some routine in Second Life readings now, so I was much more nervous on Wednesday, when following Marco Ansing’s and Gabi Behrend’s readings, I played electronic live music streamed from my home studio (above and below some impressions of how it looked in real life).

The next big Second Life event is already close. The Festival der Liebe, a three-day multi-location cultural festival, will start on Friday October 19. I will read on Saturday October 21st at 21:00 local time and play live on Sunday 20:30. An online schedule with location links can be found here.


Afterthought: Science Fiction Ladies Night in Wuppertal

On Saturday October 6th I’ve had the honour of being the host of an extraordinary science fiction group reading in Udo Hösterey’s antiqarian bookshop in Wuppertal-Elberfeld, a small but very pleasant location where I already organized two science fiction readings before, well-received by audience and writers alike. This time the little shop almost burst with listeners, eager to learn more about the “female view of the future”. Three female German sf writers read from their works, one newcomer and two more experiences writers, and Wuppertal writer and artist Anne Fitsch as moderator lend a fresh outsider view to the evening. A number of prominent German sf personalities attended the event, among them Horst Pukallus, Olaf Kemmler, Sven Klöpping and Uwe Post (listening to his wife Nadine). A report about the reading can be found at the German sf portal Deutsche Science Fiction. Further events in Udo Höstery’s bookshop (thanks for his generous support!) are already planed.

Here’s a snapshot of the three protagonists of the evening, from left to right: Gabriele Behrend,  Gloria Manderfeld and Nadine Boos. (Copyright photo © 2012 by Uwe Post)