Spaceport Cologne: science fiction week in Virtuelles Köln (Virtual Cologne)

An info page and schedule for the coming science fiction week has just been posted on the community blog of Virtuelles Köln, an online counterpart of the city Cologne in Second Life. On each evening between October 1st and October 7th one or two prominent German sf writers will read from their works, followed by a life music act mostly of electronic musicians. I will read my story “Arkadia in transit” on Friday, October 5th at 20:00 local time. Two days before, on Wednesday October 3rd at 21:00 local time, I’ll be honoured to conclude the evening opened by my fellow writers Marco Ansing and Gabriele Behrend with my second concert in Second Life. You can expect music between ambient and Berlin school sequencer-driven electronics. Among the other writers reading in the course of the week are my friends Frederic Brake, Christian Günther and Thorsten Küper aka Kueperpunk Korhonen.

New uploads at InterNova

I’ve recently uploaded the following new pieces at InterNova, the international science fiction e-zine that I edit in collaboration with Sven Klöpping and fellow writers and editors from all over the world:

In the fiction section:

Swapnil Bharitya Arnie (USA): The Rhythm of Nature
Helmuth W. Mommers (Germany): Rest in Peace

In the nonfiction section:

Sven Klöpping (Germany): An Interview with Jean-Claude Dunyach

Ten years Nova: Interview with the editors online

It’s ten years ago that I met with Helmuth W. Mommers and Ronald M. Hahn at a science fiction convention in Cologne to discuss our plans for a new story magazine exclusively for contemporary German language sf writers. The first issue of Nova, as the project was finally called, was published in late 2002 and at that time we could hardly expect it to become one of the two longest-running German sf magazines ever. Today it’s edited by Olaf G. Hilscher and me with assistance of Sven Klöpping and Tommi Brem. In mid-October the ten years anniversary issue Nova 20 will be published and it will be a major step in further professionalizing the magazine, for the first time not only self-distributed but also available in German, Austrian and Swiss station and airport bookshops via a professional magazine distributor. Andreas Winterer has interviewed Olaf and me on this occasion for the German sf portal The interview can be read here.

Festival der Liebe: Schedule online

The preparations for the Festival der Liebe (Festival of Love), the major annual cultural event in Second Life, are in full swing now. The prelimary schedule of the three-day festival can be downloaded as an Excel file here (a final online version will soon be available). Please note that the time for my electronic music concert on Sunday, October 21st has been slightly changed. It’s now at 20:30 local time instead at 21:00. Watch for further news here.