Bücherpicknick in Duisburg coming

Next Saturday, on July 7th, starting at 1:00 pm, the next major event organized by the writer group Brennende Buchstaben, this time in collaboration with the literary club Bitterschlag e.V., wil take place at the Parkhaus in Duisburg-Meiderich (which is not a converted parking house, as some assume, but actually a house in a park). Some of the finest German small publishers will present there productions in association with their writers and literary agents. No less than twenty writers will read from their works and it will be fresh and varied mixture of poetry, crime and science fiction. The program schedule is online here.

I will read at 7:20 pm in a science fiction block with Frederic Brake and Frank Hebben. We would be happy to welcome many listeners to the Bücherpicknick.

Essay on Lucius Shepard’s short fiction in Quarber Merkur

It’s quite a while ago that I wrote the last of my extensive essays on major science fiction short story writers. A project that I started in 2008 but that lay idle for a while was an essay on the short fiction of Lucius Shepard, one of the most important writers in contemporary American science fiction and fantasy. Although there are a lot of reviews and interviews to be found in the net, there have been, as far as I can see, no comprehensive critical studies of Lucius’ work so far. A few weeks ago I finally completed my essay and I hope it may help readers to recognize rhe recurring themes and patterns in his many excellent tales and to provide some groundwork for futher analysis. The essay will be published in issue 113 of the renowned critical magazine Quarber Merkur, edited by Franz Rottensteiner and published by the Erster Deutscher Fantasy Club (First German Fantasy Club). Have a look here for the publishing date.

Discussion about international science fiction on Schriftsonar

The German science fiction and culture blog Schriftsonar has just uploaded its latest podcast, featuring a conversation between Michael Schneiberg, Christian Hoffmann and me about science fiction and fantasy from outside of the English speaking work. Major parts of the discussion are about the international science fiction e-zine InterNova that I edit in collaboration with writers and translators from more than twenty countries and about Christian’s recently published and recommendable book Phantastische Literatur aus Afrika, the first major survey of science fiction and fantasy writing from the black continent. The podcast can be downloaded or listened online here.