Virtual Birthday Party in Second Life

One day you wake up to find that you’ve wasted too much of you precious time on earth and that you’re already fifty. For me this moment of revelation will come, if my birth certificate is to be trusted, on February 22. For those of my friends and readers who cannot be in Wuppertal for my birthday celebration on Saturday 25th and who happen to be active in Second Life, there’s a chance to meet me for a virtual birthday party in Kirsten Riehl’s and Thorsten Küper’s steampunk event location Kafé Krümelkram on Wednesday, February 22., 20:00 local time. On the site where we had some well-attended readings you’ll have a chance for a little chat, a virtual beer or two or to listen to my live streaming of electronic music. It’s my first live playing after 30 years, so don’t expect too much. Depending on how good it works out, there may be further live music events in Kafé Krümelkram in the future.