Progress report “In situ”

Every writer has his share of projects that for one reason or another have to wait patiently for the right circumstances to be finally realized. And you can only be grateful if you’re blessed with a publisher who doesn’t lose his good will and his believe in your work when something like this happens. In my case it’s my novella/novel “In situ” and my publisher Harald Giersche (Begedia Verlag) that I’m determined to reconcile with each other in the first half of this year.

What started as a story soon turned out to  be too long for any magazine or anthology publication and Harald was so kind to accept the novella as a standalone publication for his recently founded publishing house. Recurring health problems kept me from completing the book the previous year but at least 100 pages are written and I’ve recently wrote a new outline for the rest, clearing up the whole concept and preventing it from getting too long and losing its focus. It’s the story of a man who is offered a rather bizarre chance to revive his deceased wife. My readers may discover some parallels with my award-winning novella “Ich fürchte kein Unglück”.