Hello all!

It’s done. The unthinkable has happened and even I have finally got my lazy ass into motion to create my very own homesite in the World Wide Web. All my readers, collaborators, friends, enemies, past and future sweethearts etc. will soon find here all the latest news about my various activities, mostly in the field of science fiction writing, editing and criticism, but also in electronic music and in cross-cultural collaboration in general.

Since I’m increasingly operating  internationally and even have started to write in English recently this site will be completely in English. So all the wimps among you who miss their German mother tongue here, be assured that you came to the wrong place and that, whenever I can spare a little time, I’ll admire you for having circumvented the only truly international language humanity has created so far. It’s quite a personal achievement to remain so ignorant! (Of course it has its drawbacks – for example you can’t understand this insult 🙂 )

Okay, maybe a little bit of German may fit here: “Ich bin neu hier. Ich komm jetzt öfter!”

See you!