Works in progress

There have been no updates on my homepage for some months. In case that anybody has missed me, let me assure you that the reason was not a lack of interest in continuing this page nor an extended springtime lethargy. The reason is instead, I hope, a pleasant one for my readers. 2014 may well turn out, despite some health problems, to be the most prolific year in my career so far. No less than three new books are in the making, due to be published this or next year. Der Moloch, a novel length version of my award winning novella of the same title from 2007, that I write for Fabylon Verlag, has grown to about 250 manuscript pages and as for the finishing chapters the horizon is in sight. It’s the same with In situ, initially planed as a novella but now grown into an almost full-scale novel, to be published in my incredibly patient editor Harald Giersche’s small print press Begedia Verlag. I started with the book somewhat close to the end of the last ice age and Harald was so kind to stay with me through all obstacles and delays to finally see this baby in print, which has come close to realization now. There’s also an interested publisher for a collection of my literary essays about major short story writers in science fiction and beyond.

Interviewed by Ralf Schools

Blogger and space artist Ralf Schools recently interviewed me for his blog. This interview was, what I appreciate, not specifically about science fiction but more general about my history, background and practice as a writer and what I learned from writing for life. I tried my best, as I always do, to give some controversial answers. The interview has just been posted on Ralf’s blog and can be read here.

Story in Exodus #31

My story “Das Ende aller Tage”, a German version of “The End of All Days”, my first story originally written in English, has just been published in issue #31 of Exodus,  one of the leading German science fiction magazines, edited by René Moreau, Heinz Wipperfürth and Olaf Kemmler, noted as a showcase not only of contemporary German science fiction stories but science fiction art as well. Apart from my own story, issue #31 includes stories by Dirk Alt, Christian Endres, Rico Gehrke, Rolf Krohn, Hans Jürgen Kugler, Gynther Riebl, Tobias Tantius, Fabian Tomaschek, Johannes Tosin, Wolf Welling and Christoph von Zastrow and artworks by Dirk Alt, Crossvalley Smith, Oliver Engelhard, Mario Franke, Mark Freier, Jan Hillen, José Kastler, Christian Krank, Manfred Schneider and Hubert Schweizer


Afterword to Horst Pukallus’ collection

Begedia Verlag, coming publisher of one of my own works, just published Horst Pukallus‘ latest story collection Flüsterasphalt. I collaborated with Horst – one of the most important writers, translators and critics in postwar German science fiction – on numerous occasions in the last twenty years (including our novel Hinter den Mauern der Zeit, published by Heyne in 1989). For his new book which collects stories written within the last ten years I contributed an afterword with some remarks on the tradition of New Wave science fiction that influenced Horst’s writings.

Nova 22 published

After serious business trouble with our magazine distributor, issue 22 of the German science fiction magazine Nova, that I co-edit with Olaf G. Hilscher, could finally be published. It was made possible with the generous support of Jürgen Eglseer of Amrun Verlag, distributor of Nova’s epub edition. Thanks, Jürgen!

Nova 22 includes new stories by Andrea Tillmanns, Guido Seifert, Sami Salamé, Steffen König, Marian Ehret and Michael Marrak, as guest story Tommi Brem’s translation of a Hugo nominated tale by Mike Resnick and an essay by Christian Hoffmann about the latest dystopian novel by Kenian writer Ngugi wa Thiong’o. The cover illustration is by Folko Streese. Shipment of the issue to our subscribers and contributors is underway.



“Der Moloch” to be published by Fabylon

I’ve just signed a contract with engaged small publisher Fabylon Verlag – publisher of my 2007 novel Psyhack – for a new novel presumably to be published in autumn this year. It will be an extended version of my novella “Der Moloch”, winner of the Kurd Laßwitz Preis 2008. Unlike Psyhack, however, the plot and most of the main characters of the novel version will be completely new and only a few pages of the original novella will remain.

Video of “Tales of the Future”

With more than 400 visitors in the course of January and with an audience of about 30 people at each of my two live events on January 18th and 19th, Asmita Duranjaya’s audiovisual installation Tales of the Future in Second Life – that used several of my short Ambient Etude compositions – can be said to have been a great success. PyramidCafeTV recently uploaded a video on Youtube with some impressions of the various sections of the installation, each interpreting and processing my music in a unique way.